ABOUT Qualifications & Honours

Qualifications & Honours

Qualifications & Honours

· AAALAC International Certification

· ISO/IEC17025 laboratory accreditation  

· CNAS laboratory accreditation

· National high-tech enterprise  

· Biological assessment laboratory collaborated with Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs                         

· Zhejiang Provincial Research Center for High-tech Enterprises

· the second-class reward of Hangzhou Award for Science and Technology Progress   

· the safety early evaluation base of Zhejiang Province 

· Board of Directors of Zhejiang Health Industry Research Association

· Board of Directors of China Nutrition and Health Food Association              

· National Torch Plan Industrialization Demonstration Project

Professional Technical Papers(More than seventy articles

· Mutations in POFUT1, Encoding Protein O-fucosyltransferase 1, Cause Generalized Dowling-Degos Disease(IF=8.577)
· Low-dose exposure of silica nanoparticles induces cardiac dysfunction via neutrophil-mediated inflammation and cardiac contraction in zebrafish embryos(IF=6.428)
· Comprehensive understanding of PM2.5 on gene and microRNA expression patterns in zebrafish (Danio rerio) model(IF=4.900)
· Secretion of intestinal goblet cells: A novel excretion pathway of nanoparticle(IF=4.727)
· Developmental Toxicity of Diclofenac and Elucidation of Gene Regulation in zebrafish(IF=4.259)
· Zebrafish models for assessing developmental and reproductive toxicity
· Tween-80 and Impurity Induce Anaphylactoid Reaction in Zebrafish
· Human prokinetic drugs promote gastrointestinalmotility in zebrafish……

Technical invention letter of patent(35 items,14 have been authorized)

· A Method for Evaluating Stroke Therapeutic Agents by Zebrafish Ischemic Stroke Model

· A Method for Detecting Pancreatic Lipase Activity in Zebrafish and Its Application

· A Sugar Metabolism Regulating Tablet Containing Pure Natural Plants and Its Preparation Method

· A Chinese medicine compound preparation for clearing throat and promoting throat and its preparation method

· Evaluation of Lung Injury Therapeutic Agents and Inducers by Zebrafish Bladder Injury Inflammation Model

· An anti-PM2.5 chewable tablet and its preparation method ……