Wu min

The Expert of Expert Workstation

  • Dean of Qiushi College, Undergraduate College of Zhejiang University
  • Director of National Biological Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Zhejiang University
  • Member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Bioscience and Engineering in Universities of the Ministry of Education
  • Vice-Chairman of the Subcommittee on Teaching and Guidance of Basic Biology Courses

Personal Profile

Mainly engaged in the research of resources and utilization of extreme environmental microorganisms. He presided over more than 10 projects, including National Visual Science Fund, 973 sub-projects, 863 sub-projects, major science and technology projects in Zhejiang Province, the Ministry of State and Education and school teaching reform; he presided over the National Quality Course Introduction to Life Science, the head of the national teaching team of Introduction to Life Science; and the University of the Ministry of Education from 2013 to 2017. 

Chairman of the Biology Teaching Steering Committee. As editor-in-chief and deputy editor, he published four textbooks and teaching software in Higher Education Publishing House; published more than 100 scientific research papers, including more than 70 papers in SC; won two second prizes for national teaching achievements (2001, 2005); won the excellent teacher award in Baosteel in 2004; won the famous teacher award in Zhejiang Province in 2007; won the Zhejiang University in 2008. In 2009, he won the title of "National Excellent Teacher" and "National Excellent Ideological and Political Education Worker of Universities"; in 2011, he was appointed as a Specially-Appointed scholar of Zhejiang University; and in 2012, he was awarded the Top Ten Educational Pioneers of Zhejiang Province. 

He was the deputy director of the Department of Bioscience and Technology, Zhejiang University, the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee of the College of Life Sciences, the general secretary and director of the Party branch of Qingxi Academy of Qiushi College, Danyang, and the director of the enrollment Department of undergraduate students of Zhejiang University. Currently: Dean of Qiushi College of Zhejiang University and Director of National Biological Experimental Teaching Demonstration Center of Zhejiang University.